Module 3

Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Regulatory Documents for Export

The legal framework involved in the process of export is not a thing to worry about. We’ll take care of the export process for you, but just so you know here’s a brief read on the documentation required for exporting goods-

The two categories of regulatory documents for export are : 

  1. Documents for Registration
  2. Documents for Shipping

Documents needed for registration include:

  • Import Export Code, to be obtained from the official website of DGFT
  • Authorized Dealer Code (AD Code) from the bank in which you have opened the company’s current a/c
  • Certificate from Chamber of Commerce
  • Registration-cum-membership-certificate(RCMC) from Export Promotional Council or Commodities Board of India

Documents needed for Shipping include:

  • GR Form: GR Forms are issued by the RBI. These are filled in duplicates for all exports other than by posts.
  • PP Form: Exports to all countries by parcel post (PP), except when made on a ‘value payable’ or cash on delivery basis should be declared on PP forms.
  • SOFTEX Form: These forms are to be filed with STPI and prepared in triplicate for export of computer software in non-physical form. It is issued by the Reserve Bank Foreign Exchange Department.
  • Shipping Bill
  • Marine Instrument Policy