Export Granth

An extensive educational platform for Export Entrepreneurs

Export Granth is an extensive and in-depth collection of basic and detailed knowledge of international exports. It is openly accessible to everyone for free and is one of the leading platforms for understanding the basics of Import and Export.

Modules List


Module I

Basics of Import and Export trade

The module marks the start of our comprehensive course on ‘export’ and ‘import’. The idea of the module is to give learners a glimpse of what international trade is and get them familiar with a few jargon of international trade. [Read more..]


Module II

Your next step to import and export

In this module, we discuss the organizations that formulate, regulate policies for foreign trade. Further, we look into the factors to consider while choosing a product for export. And to combine the bits together, we have offered a tried and tested plan of Marketing Mix at the end of the module. [Read more..]


Module III

Starting with Documentation and GST

Does your business meet the basic eligibility criteria for exporting? Check here to understand who can export, and what documents you need to familiarise yourself with once started with foreign trade. [Read more..]

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