Module 2

Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Marketing Mix

Now that we have a structure ready, we move to the next step. Getting the marketing mix sorted. If you are wondering what a marketing mix is:

It is the set of models and metrics that a firm adopts to reach out to the target market.

To develop the optimal structure, we encourage you to follow the UTSARG’s MARKETING MIX MATRIX- a modified 7 P structure specially developed and rigorously tested by the researchers at UTSARG for International Trade:


Utsarg’s Marketing Mix Matrix

Product- Whether what my market wants is what I export.

Place- Whether my market can easily find my product.

Price- Whether my market finds my prices reasonable to buy my product.

Promotion- Whether my market knows about my product.

People- Whether my employed associates are working to their full capacity

Process- Whether my products are efficiently and quickly reaching my customers.

Physical Evidence– Whether my firm has a presence (both on the internet and in physical form)

Cross Culture Understanding- Whether I understand the differences in the culture of my market.

Regional Understanding– To understand customer feedback and sentiments.

Cross- Border Understanding– To make sure my products can easily cross the borders without hindrance.